Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Tuesday 7/2014 - Fun and Easy Graphic Art Project

Welcome to the seventh Happy Tuesday of 2014!   Each week we share something that makes us happy - anything at all!  I hope you'll join the party too.  Look for it down below.

Today I'm sharing a continuation of progress on my back hallway, with a quick and easy graphic art project.   


This is a simple display showing what states we've lived in over the course of our marriage.  I've seen something similar on Pinterest, done using other styles of maps and other framing options.  I've had this project in mind for a while and spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted to do it.  I considered a tall frame with three openings in the matting, and I considered three separate, larger frames.  But I was in Michael's today, and I saw these small, simple 5"x7" frames on clearance for $2.49 each, and so I grabbed them.  That decision was now made!

As I was putting these together tonight, I thought about using more colorful maps.  I even had one version ready to go using maps that show counties in different colors, and major highways. But with the small frames, the colorful versions were just too busy and hard to read anyway.  I decided he simple silhouette style would work best for the frames I bought.

I found free graphics for the maps online, and it was just a matter of printing them out on white card stock with the dates added below the images.

photo 3-2

photo 2-2

photo 1-3

I've shared before how my back hallway is starting to take shape.  These three additions to the mirror wall are the next stage in the creation of the gallery wall that I have in mind.  This project is building on the theme of black frames, simple graphics and a "home" theme that is beginning to emerge.

photo 4

Of course, the early stages of a gallery wall look a little, well, undone.  But hopefully over the next couple of weeks I'll be filling in more here, and will end up with a really fun, personalized space to welcome folks home as they come in from the garage.   I hope you'll follow along with me as I continue to build up this space.

There you have it, a really fun and easy project that made me smile today.

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Now, on to our Happy Tuesday link party. What makes YOU happy? What brings a smile, lights up your eyes, makes your heart go pitter-patter? Please join the link party to share your little slice of happy today. I'm really looking forward to visiting! The party has already started tonight (Monday)!


Happy Tuesday


  1. Why am I happy today? Wow. There are so many things that make me smile and that fill me with joy. But today, well today I found out the cause of a nagging ear pain that was stumping the medical field. Today, I took Nicholas to the dentist. This was the next appointment in search for an answer to a mysterious ear pain that he has been complaining of for about three or four months (maybe more). He had two courses of antibiotics thinking it was sinus infection, then ear drops and even an MRI. No one could understand it and were fairly dismissive as I kept turning up like a bad penny saying, "he is still complaining of his ear". And finally today I think I found out what is causing him pain. WISDOM TEETH. I have never been so happy to hear that there is a problem that can be solved - YAY, It made me smile, then Nicholas starting cheering in the car and as I was contemplating all of this, JoAnn Escobosa walked down the path and got in her car. I ran over to see her and that brought so much joy. Just being able to hug a friend and feel love passing across that hug brings me so much joy and makes me so happy. So, all in all, Tuesday is a great happy day with friends and sore teeth and cheering Nicholas. Yay!