Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gratitude - Day 42

Dealing with difficult people has never been my strong suit.  Unfortunately it's been my task lately. 

There are only a few people that I've ever met that I truly have a difficult time with.  With most people, I get along great!  With some, it takes a little bit of thought to understand their point of view, but I'm usually able to work it out and work well with them.  

And then there are these other few.  Just three.  Three people in my world with whom I very rarely see eye to eye.  It's like they rub me the wrong way, and I them, and it's just really a chore to deal with them.   The problem is, I do have to deal with them.  In fact, I have to co-lead some things.   Some kind of important things.

And so I take a lot of deep breaths.  But I also get angry and frustrated, and I overreact, and I blow things out of proportion and waste a lot of energy.  And we mis-communicate, and take offense at each other, and have to apologize and try again.

I wish I could just not have to work with these people.  But, I also know that learning to do so is a good thing.  I also know that I'm just as much at fault as they are, in terms of my overreaction to things they do and say.

I'm learning to find the positive.  I'm learning to wait, think, and consider their point of view before I react.  I'm learning to assume that they have the best of intentions, even if I don't understand what they are doing.   I'm growing.  It's a good thing.

I'm grateful for the fact that I can see what's happening and that I see a way forward to be able to handle these kinds of things with more grace.  I'm grateful that I'm learning and growing.


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