Monday, February 10, 2014

Gratitude - Day 39

(Written, but not posted, on Feb 8)
Bravery comes in many forms.  Today I was witness to some awesome creative risk-taking!

When you hang out with 70 "hobbyist" singers on a regular basis, you get to witness some fabulous things.   The women who make up any Sweet Adelines chorus are not professional singers.  They're regular women - stay at home moms, teachers, nurses, accountants, engineers, retail managers, retirees, preacher's wives, and so on.   These women come together to explore and develop their creative selves, and to learn and grow in the music and other dimensions.  Often this is their only creative outlet, the only safe place where they can explore their artistic leanings.

Today I'm grateful that my community of Sweet Adelines is such a supportive, nurturing place where we can allow the "artist within" to come out and take a chance.

I'm grateful for the woman giving a recital of an opera aria in an unfamiliar Czech language, notes wavering with nerves, shaking hands holding sheet music, eyes cast down to avoid looking at the audience she fears so much.  And I'm grateful for the chorus of women who gave her a standing ovation.

I'm grateful for the woman who took a risk and awkwardly led the chorus in singing a song that she had written herself, her instructions coming out haltingly and unsure, her words fumbling as she struggled to get her bearings in front of the group.  And I'm grateful for the chorus of women who lovingly followed her lead and sang her music, adding harmony and heart and filling the room with love.

I'm grateful for the man who directs our chorus, accepting criticism from the weekend coach who  was asking him to change his style, asking him to trust the chorus more, asking him to let go and allow the chorus to lead him sometimes.  And I'm grateful for the chorus of women who gave him the music he was looking for, allowing him to be safe in letting go and trying something new.


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