Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Village Display

Our Christmas Village display is up!

Our house has a recessed shelf area above our fireplace, originally intended to house a television set.  This year, we decided to put the Christmas Village display up in the recessed shelving area as a change of pace.  In the past, we've displayed the village in a small bookcase.  But this year, the display turned out better than I imagined!

The display has three tiers... Main Street businesses on the lowest level on the mantel, the community church and two homes on the middle level, and four additional homes on the uppermost level.

In addition to the village, the mantel is decked out with faux greenery and colorful ball ornaments.   The family stockings hang directly on the garland instead of the stocking hangars we've used in the past.

The living room Christmas tree looks great right beside the fireplace and mantel.

Let's take a closer look at the village itself.   My husband and I painted each building and each villager by hand as a project in the very early years of our marriage.   

The pieces hold special memories for us, and even though the quality of the artistry (especially on the faces of the villagers) is not the best, we love it and have enjoyed displaying it each year since 1989.

Sometimes I like to set up the villagers to tell a story.   The bellman is helping a weary traveler as he checks into the hotel.  The lawyer and her husband ;-) stroll down Main Street after a long day's work. 

The town's charity Angel Tree is begin decorated beside the bandstand, while Santa rings his bell on the main town square in front of the Post Office.

This little boy is carrying a package to a friend, while the local police officer helps another little boy find his mother, who got lost while shopping in the downtown area.

The ice man is restocking the soda shoppe for the afternoon's business, and the friendly couple enjoy walking their dog in the fluffy snow.

This little boy is mailing his letter to Santa, while three friends walk home from shopping downtown.

At the pond, several neighbors are out enjoying a brisk walk in the snow.

Uh oh!   The toboggan hit some rocks and tipped over!   Another little boy is enjoying making snow angels.

Out in the country, it's not unusual to see a boy walking his pet cow down a country lane!

Friendly neighbors make the village life a pleasant one, and Christmas spirit is in the air!

The village display this year is one of my very favorites.  Thanks so much for joining me on the tour of our little village.   I hope you enjoyed your visit!

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  1. What a perfect spot for your village display! It is lovely!

    1. Thanks! I'm really enjoying it this year!

  2. Your village is precious, Jenny. That was quite an undertaking for the two of you to paint all that yourselves! I would certainly display that every Christmas, too! My mom made a small village with about five pieces in her ceramics class years ago, and we still love those pieces. Yours really shows up beautifully above the fireplace with backlighting.

    Visiting from Met Monday -- have a lovely day!


    1. Hi Denise, thanks for stopping by and for your sweet note. We do love this village, it's definitely family history for us!

      Wishing you a lovely holiday season!


  3. Love your village and how you've displayed it. The houses are amazing, and the little scenes/vignettes are creative and cute. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great display for a cute village. Made even cuter by the fact that you made it! Adorable!

  5. I love that you 2 painted all these pieces! It is a treasure!