Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Gratitude - Days 355-356 - Dec 21-22, 2014

I've been enjoying the last few days and reflecting on how our Christmas this year is different than years past.   We're all older, there are no young kids who are bouncing with excitement of the season.  No school concerts, no scouts or church youth parties, no trips to Toys R Us for us this year.  

Also, life has gotten more challenging, with more ups and downs than ever before.  With deaths in the family, job losses and serious illnesses in family and friends, sadness of all shades casts a pall over the merry season, and if we focus there we can get lost in it, losing the beauty that is meant to be ours.   

I'm not suggesting we glibly gloss over the tough stuff, ignore the struggles of our loved ones.  But I'm just suggesting that we don't forget the good things that are there, too.   We can rely on beautiful memories our loved ones who have passed and imagine them with us as we bake the family cookie recipe or play the family's favorite music.  We should reach out, tell each other often how much we mean to each other.  Let's not lose sight of  the joy of today, the beauty that exists in what we have, who we are, together.

I'm enjoying the quiet rhythms of this holiday season... the baking, the cooking, the wrapping, the cooperative jigsaw puzzling.   Yes, time has passed, and things are different now, but they're still good.    Christmas is still here.   And I'm so grateful.

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