Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Kitchen Lamp

Earlier this weekend I was having fun browsing around "The Inspired Room" blog, just soaking in all the inspiration that can be found there. I happened upon a post called "Q&A About Open Shelves", and saw a cool new idea for accessorizing a kitchen counter. At least, it was new to me.

The photo showed a lamp on the kitchen counter near the sink and kitchen window. I noted that the layout of this kitchen is similar to mine, and I thought that the lamp idea might just work for us, too. I shopped the house to find a lamp that might work, plugged it in, and TA DA! A whole new look to our kitchen. Many thanks to "The Inspired Room" for inspiring my room.


Just Checking In...

Wow, time flies when you're completely swamped!

Having very much enjoyed the new hobby of blogging during November and December last year, I did intend to keep it up and use this vehicle as a way to share, learn and have fun. But as soon as January began in full-force, my work life became totally overwhelming. I was surprised to be asked to step into a new position with brand-new responsibilities and an incredible amount of learning to be done. I feel like I've not had any time to think, much less be creative on this blog, because of my brain cycles being all used up by my new job.