Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Kitchen Lamp

Earlier this weekend I was having fun browsing around "The Inspired Room" blog, just soaking in all the inspiration that can be found there. I happened upon a post called "Q&A About Open Shelves", and saw a cool new idea for accessorizing a kitchen counter. At least, it was new to me.

The photo showed a lamp on the kitchen counter near the sink and kitchen window. I noted that the layout of this kitchen is similar to mine, and I thought that the lamp idea might just work for us, too. I shopped the house to find a lamp that might work, plugged it in, and TA DA! A whole new look to our kitchen. Many thanks to "The Inspired Room" for inspiring my room.





The lamp on the counter gives a warm glow that really makes the kitchen feel very welcoming. We've had this arrangement now for about one full day, including washing dishes and preparing meals, and so far it does not interrupt the flow of life in the kitchen. And might just inspire us to keep the counters clean!  All in all, it is a successful little experiment!

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  1. Your lamp looks cute there. Very homey and cozy. Now I'm going to have to dig around the house for one for my counter.

  2. Your kitchen is beautiful and the lamp really makes it look so cozy and warm. Very inviting. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  3. I like it a lot! Isn't it funny how one little lamp can really warm up the space?

  4. Oh I LOVE this! Your kitchen is lovely.

  5. I love lamps in the kitchen. I have only one small one, but would love more. Dropping by from Met Monday. Hope you'll come see the dollhouse repurposed as laundry room shelf.


  6. Nice idea. Can always use a lamp in the kitchen on the counter, will have to find one for mine. I want to put up some curtains like you have at your window, I really like them.