Thursday, December 25, 2014

Advent 2014 - Christmas Day - Celebration

"As we find ourselves wrapped in the season of wonder and light, the astonishment that is life ignites our spirits, and we feel, if merely for a moment, that we are as we were meant to be.
"May we hold fast to this sliver of mystery, this truth upon which we set the whole of who we are. May we call ourselves back to it time and again, until we are filled with the wonder that is our life– its hope, its peace, its joy, its love. Infused, then, with all that we are, may our energies be given to the transformation of this world–from despair into hope; from darkness into light; from fear into love. May we be bold. May we be daring. May we be love."

by Greta Vosper

This reflection by Ms. Vosper hits the nail on the head for me - I want to keep the mystery and truth of Christmas with me all year long, every day, in every moment.  I want the beauty and wonder, the "God with us" knowledge to be with me every day.  Let us not forget on the cold dark days of winter, on the busy days of summer, that God is still with us.  Let's stay tuned in to the miracles that we find anew each December.  Let's keep Christmas all year long.

In the quiet evening, with the soft Christmas music playing softly, with the family tucked in to beds upstairs, and the glow of the candles keeping me company, I'm thinking with my heart tonight, about what lies ahead.   Plans, hopes, dreams.   Yes, all of those.  And underlying those, a soul-stirring desire for oneness with God.  I don't know yet what it means, this longing. Even now as I type, the words are coming out unplanned, straight from the heart's whispers.   

"Who can know what tomorrow holds?" the music sings in the background.  "Emmanuel, God With Us."   Yes.  That's my heart's desire this beautiful Christmas evening.   To keep Christmas, Emmanuel, in my life, even when tomorrow takes us somewhere unexpected or new.  

I'm not a religious person, having moved away from "church" and formal religion many years ago.  My views are non-traditional and may not be seen as proper or right.  But God whispers within my soul, and shows me perfect Love.  I strive to listen and learn.

Merry Christmas, friends.   As you celebrate your own way, with your own whispers of the heart, I wish you love and peace and joy.   

Love lights the world this Christmas.

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