Saturday, November 29, 2014

Family Photo Ornaments

Today I'm sharing a fun and easy craft project that turns any photo into a cute Christmas tree ornament.  
Of course you can use any photo for this project - your kids, your friends, your favorite vacation, your family members - the idea is to represent something that is special and meaningful to you, and incorporate those meaningful things in your holiday decor.

I started by creating 8.5"x11" sheets in Photoshop Elements.  I put nine photos on each page and converted them all into black and white (grayscale).  Yours can be larger or smaller as you desire.   I printed each of these photos onto white card stock paper.  

Next, I used a paper trimmer to cut each photo out, leaving a wider border arose the top than the sides and bottom.   As I was working, it was so fun to reminisce about the old photos, and to think about the people in the photos.   I really enjoyed this project for that reason.

On the back of each photo I recorded the names and dates.  I don't know how long I'll be keeping those ornaments, but this info recorded on the back will help me in the future in case I keep them around a while.

Next, I used a tiny hole punch to put two holes in the top border of each photo.   This is my oldest sister in this photo.  Isn't she pretty?

I used 26 gauge bright silver craft wire to make a loop, with the tails in the front of the photo.

Onto the tails, I strung a random assortment of craft beads.  This project was great for using up my large stash of beads.

I made two strings of beads for each photo.  They all ended up different form each other, but because I drew from the same assortment of random beads, they ended up blending together pretty well in the end.

Here's another style:  plastic holly leaf with three red beads to represent berries.  

Another style using large pendant beads.  This my younger sister and her great husband and son.  :-)

And another style, where I beaded the wire between the two holes too.

I wound up with about 50 different ornaments representing members of my family and my husband's family, back in time and forward to present day.   

 I used beads because I have instituted a "no buying craft supplies" rule, and am trying to use up the many supplies I already have.  But If you don't have beads, you could easily use ribbon instead... wouldn't they be cute with a little bow on the front of each one?   Or yarn. Or twine.  Or pipe cleaners.  Or whatever you've got!

I've put a call out to my family members for digital photos of some older generations of our family, and hope to add those to the collection before the season is over.    I used these photos to decorate a "Family Tree" Christmas tree, and will share that project soon.

I hope you enjoyed this easy and fun craft project.   Are you making Christmas decorations out of photos this year?  I'd love to hear about it!  Please leave a message in the comments to share your craft projects with me!  

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