Monday, November 10, 2014

Hand-crafted Cardinal Pillow Appliqué

Now that the Sweet Adelines convention is over, I'm ready to begin preparations for the upcoming holiday season.   I started my Christmas shopping online today, and I've gathered a bunch of pinecones for decorations.  The first craft project on my list is a hand-appliquéd throw pillow that I'm crafting for my mom. 

With a family last name of "Bird", we've always used birds to represent our family in arts and crafts.   This year, with the passing of my dad in the spring, I thought it would be especially meaningful to create this pillow for mom to keep in her living room throughout the year.

I searched online and found several samples of felt appliqué cardinals and other birds.   Then I merged these ideas into one sketch.   Then I cut out felt pieces to create birds, branches, and a nest with four eggs to represent my three sisters and me.   

Once the felt is done, I'll embroider some spruce needles on the background to fill it in a little bit more.  I'm still working on the project, but hope to have it completed in just a few more sessions of work.   The appliqué is a good project for evenings watching TV with my husband, and it won't take much time at all to sew the pillow cover together.

Shame on me for this poorly constructed blog post... no how-to information at all, and it's not even a completed project to show.  Sorry 'bout that!   

Have you begun your Christmas preparations yet?   I'd love to hear about it!

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