Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Christmas Decorating - Using What You Have

It has begun.

The catalogs from Pottery Barn and FrontGate and Ballard Designs have been piling in, showing gorgeous glittery new holiday items to fill your home with warmth and cheer.   The blogging world has begun decking the halls, declaring new "themes" for decorating homes this year, getting underway with purchases and projects to wow and astound readers.  And I'm getting the itch too. 

For 28 years, I've been collecting and adding to my Christmas decorations stash.  I'm one of those people who has bin upon bin, box upon box of Christmas decorations stacked up in storage.  Every year, I find something new to add to the mix, some new way to decorate a tree with a new theme, some new Santa figure that must be added to the collection.

But it's gotten to the point for me where I just can't justify adding anything more to my stash.   I've hit the overload point.  I simply can't justify purchasing one more thing.  I have enough.  I have plenty.  I have double, triple, ok, 10 times the amount of Christmas decor that any normal person has.   I do not need anything else.

So this year, I'm challenging myself.  I will not purchase a single item of Christmas decor.

Well, except for the live Christmas tree and replacement bulbs and fuses for the lights.  

I will buy no more ribbon, no more glitter, no new ornaments, no Santa figures, no throw pillows, no floral picks, no candles.  Nothing.   I will use the items I already own to decorate our home.   I'm going to allow myself craft new items, but only using materials I find in nature or that I already own.   

I'm going to challenge myself to display my stuff in new and interesting ways.   I might dismantle old crafts and re-create new ones.   No wreath or garland is safe from being cannibalized!   I've already gathered a large bag of pinecones from the neighborhood, and I'm excited about crafting some nature-themed decorations using these and other finds from the yard.  I've been gathering ideas from the stores and from Pinterest and other blogs, and I'm invigorated by the possibilities!

I'm excited about this year's decorating, and I must say, I feel liberated!  For one thing, I know my Christmas budget will benefit from this new plan.  But I've already noticed that I feel differently when I'm in the stores now.  I walked through Home Goods yesterday and admired the items for sale, but instead of coveting them or mindlessly picking things out to buy, I found myself just enjoying the displays, and soaking in the atmosphere.   Setting aside the consumerist role allowed me to just enjoy the beginning of the holiday season.  That was a nice feeling!

So, here's to a new outlook on holiday decor!  

How about you?  Have you found any new, fun items for your home?  Are you excited about decorating for the Christmas season?   Please drop me a note to share your thoughts!

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