Friday, November 21, 2014

Gratitude - Day 325 - Nov 21, 2014

Back at home, back in my familiar spaces, back in my routine.

I'm happy to have visited my family, and glad that trip went well, and now I'm glad to be home.  Loving life, really.  

Going to have a party here tomorrow night, and going to have my quartet friends here this weekend too.  (Actually, that's why we're having a party!)

Going to hang out with folks, get to know people better, deepen friendships.   Make connections.  Laugh, smile, sing.

This week's theme seems to be about making connections.  And for that I'm very grateful.

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I'd love for you to share in this project.  What's making you feel grateful today?
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  1. I haven't been to your blog in a few days, but I enjoyed reading them today. I enjoyed reading about your visit with family and the changes that are going on. I loved your craft projects. They look great!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words. Life is good! I hope you're enjoying the fall season and hope you enjoy a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving holiday!