Thursday, November 13, 2014

Easy Fall Decorating

Happy Fall, y'all!

What?  I missed the start of fall?   oops!

I guess I did get behind a little bit on the seasonal decorating this year.  But I didn't want to totally skip the season here on my blog.  After all, Fall is a really easy season to decorate for in my house.   I go really easy and simple around here.   So, come on, let me show you just a few simple vignettes that I've put up, maybe it will give you an idea for next year!

In our living room, I focus my efforts on the mantle and the baker's rack.   (I haven't had time yet to put the brown velvet slipcover on the sofa, but that's happening soon.)

The green branches in the niche are cuttings from my back yard.  Their feathery fronds are soft and simple.  I like the simplicity, especially with other things happening on the mantle.

Simple arrangements of (fake) gourds and fall leaves next to seasonal family photos.

Easy, easy, easy!

This swag of fruits and berries is a nice, simple touch that gives a little bit of traditional look without being too stuffy.

Over all, the fireplace gives a simple, easy vibe that hopefully puts guests at ease.

I put out some more seasonal items on the baker's rack near the windows. Please ignore the dried hydrangeas on the floor... didn't realize those had not yet been moved when I took the photos.   Welcome to real life in my home!!!

The top shelf holds a platter and pitcher, more gourds, and some dried hydrangeas and candles.  

My favorite themes, birds, Love and Home, repeated throughout our home.

Quick addition of some floral picks and a ribbon gives this trio of boxwoods a fall flavor.

The door to the back porch gets a simple berry wreath, bringing more fall color to the house.

The dining rooms very simple and easy - just a floral arrangement in fall colors on the table.   Done!

In the study, it's simple to add a little touch of fall to the bookshelves.  

I really didn't do much except add a gourd or pumpkin here and there.

So that's about it.  See how easy it is to bring fall to your home?   

I'd love to see your fall decorations.  Please leave a comment and let me know how you've cozied up your home for the fall season!

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