Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gratitude - Day 58

Trust is a big deal.  And when I've been entrusted by someone else to take care of something important, I make sure I keep their trust.

Such is the case today.  I led a small group rehearsal tonight.  These friends have entrusted me with their voices, their performance skills, their learning and growth in the hobby of barbershop singing.  

They have said to me by their actions, "I trust to you steer me correctly, to teach me something that I need to know, and to do it in a way that will serve me well."

These women look to me for guidance, for encouragement.  
They want me to tell them if they're doing it right or if they need to make changes.  
They trust my opinion, my evaluation of their performance.  
They trust me to listen with an open heart and to give them constructive and useful feedback. 
They trust that I will understand the vulnerability that is required to sing for someone else.
They trust that I won't judge them harshly. 
They trust me to hold their gifts gently, and to care for them and nurture them as they grow as artists.

I must never take this trust for granted. 

And I am always, always grateful.


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