Monday, February 10, 2014

Gratitude - Day 38

(Written, but not posted, on Fri Feb 7.)  
I enjoyed a brisk but beautiful walk today.
I'm on one of my travel stints, staying with a friend while I attend rehearsals and coaching sessions for my Maryland-based chorus and quartet.   My friend and I got out in the neighborhood for a leg-stretch in the afternoon.   We walked through the heart of a historic neighborhood, built over a century ago for wealthy city dwellers who spent their summers "in the country".  The homes are Grand Dame Victorians, just dripping with character.

Walking through these streets evokes a sense of timelessness, of connection, of history, and makes me feel grounded and part of something.   Even though I've never lived here, and have only visited, I still feel that connection and that sense of "carrying on." Life propels us forward, yet these homes, these neighborhoods, are here as testaments to lives that have come and gone before us.

I'm grateful to have had a moment to walk through the past. I'm grateful to have felt that sense of connection to those who have walked these streets a hundred years ago. I'm grateful that my senses are open to these feelings, that I can recognize and appreciate that it's not all about the present, it's also about remembering and appreciating what has happened before, where we have been, what we have learned.   I'm grateful that we have kept these beautiful old homes alive and that we're building our future in the context of our history.


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