Sunday, January 19, 2014

Living Room Update - New Sofa


Exciting times here in the Harris home... we got a new sofa this week!

When we moved to this house last fall, we put our furniture in different rooms than we'd had it in our old house.  Our big comfy family room sofa, where we spent all our time and did all our TV watching, etc., ended up in the bonus room above the garage in this house.  So the first floor living room here ended up with some older pieces that we'd had in our basement in the old house.

And it is good furniture, it's of really nice quality and it's lasting really well.  But the upholstery was just... well... not working for me.   I looked into getting the sofa and chairs re-covered, or slipcovered.  Both options were exorbitantly expensive.   I could buy new a new sofa for the price of the slipcover quote alone.  So, after some back and forth decision making, that's what I did!

This is a PB Basics sofa from Pottery Barn.   I got it in a chocolate colored velvet slip cover.  I plan to get a white twill slipcover in the spring, for the warm weather months.

I'm really loving this new sofa!


The velvet fabric is so comfy and warm!   Just the feel I was hoping for.


I've got this sweater pillow here, which I made out of some thrift-store sweaters earlier this week.


And combine it with a fuzzy, fleecy throw, it's just perfect for snuggling!


I'm really happy with how the sofa turned out.

In some upcoming posts, I'll share the current living room, and also thoughts on where I'm headed with the decor.   There's lots left to do to get it where I want it, but one thing at a time.

Thanks for joining me here.  I hope you'll take  a moment to say hello in the comments section, I'd love to hear from you!


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  1. You new sofa is gorgeous. Love the brown velvet, it is such a pretty color. Hugs, marty

  2. Thanks Marty for stopping by! Yes, the velvet is really scrumptious at this time of year. :-)

  3. Good post. The warmth of the velvet fabric seems perfect for the colder months. Thanks for posting.