Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy Tuesday - A New Link Party

I'm excited to be re-invigorating a weekly link party called Happy Tuesday. The idea is simple: Let's share things that make us happy! It could be a project you completed, a photo that makes you smile, or a yummy recipe that worked out great. Maybe you want to write a short reflection of something that happened to you. Maybe you found some great new music, or went to a movie that you really enjoyed. Really, it could be ANYTHING.  Hopefully you'll have no shortage of things to post about, because hopefully you're finding things that make you happy all over the place.

Happy Tuesday

The original Happy Tuesday was born because I was feeling a little blah after the end of the Christmas season. I needed something to pick me up and make me smile, so I decided to create a party dedicated to finding the happy moments that are there, just waiting to be noticed.

 The rules, not that they're really all that strict, will be simple.
  1. Share something positive and happy.  Something that makes you smile.  Something that adds positive energy to blogland.   That's easy enough, right?
  2. Please add a link back to this link party from your blog post.  You can copy the Happy Tuesday button if you like.
  3. And then after sharing your Happy Tuesday post, please take a few moments and visit the other Happy Places which have joined the party, leave them some happy comments, to spread the love.  Please don't be a "Link and Leave" party goer.  There's no happy in that!
I'll have the party up and ready for linking beginning on Monday nights, 9pm (Eastern) through Tuesday night at midnight.   

I really hope you'll join the fun!


  1. Is there an html for the button, so I can put it on my blog????

    1. Hi Pinky - I sent you a link in email. Hope you'll join us on Tuesday!

  2. I think this is a lovely idea! I like to visit linky parties, but some are really geared only towards joining with a post that includes a craft, or a recipe, or something so specific that I don't have a current post to share early at just that moment. But, to be able to share something that simply makes me happy - well, that is much easier because it doesn't necessarily require that I "make" something and document it with step by step photos....or share another view of my same living room decor that hasn't changed since the last time . Great idea, Jenny! I think it will be interesting to see what makes everybody smile.

    1. Jane, Thanks, i hope you'll be able to join us on Tuesday!