Friday, January 10, 2014

Gratitude - Day 10


This guy.

This guy who I met 30 years ago, who I married 27 years ago.

This guy who means everything to me.

This guy has been with me through incredible highs and terrible lows. We've raised our family together, we've built homes and lives together.  We've met challenges together.  Somehow through all of life's ups and downs, we've thrived, came out the other side stronger than ever.  

I love this guy. 

And I'm so grateful for him in my life.

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I'd love for you to share in this project.  What's making you feel grateful today?
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  1. I am grateful for my hubby too. Hard to believe it has been 46 years for us!!!!!!!

    1. Congratulations, Pinky! That's fantastic!