Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Tuesday 3/2014 - Our Living Room So Far

Welcome to the 3rd Happy Tuesday of 2014!   I hope you'll join the link party today, and share something that makes you happy!  Check out the info at the bottom of the post and join the fun!

Today I'm giving an update on my Living Room So Far.  While it's definitely a work in progress, I'm very happy with this room and how it's coming along.


I've mentioned before that we're kind of putting things together slowly and surely, after having moved in to this new house last fall.  The sofa and chairs that were here first are pieces that we've had for quite a long time - over 15 years, I think - but because they were such good quality pieces, they've really held up well.  Unfortunately, the upholstery choices didn't hold up so well, and now they're really not my cup of tea.   Re-upholstry and slipcover options proved to be very expensive when I got quotes.  So I've taken a different approach.


I decided to purchase a new sofa for this room. It arrived this past week, and I love it! You can see more about it in this previous post.  In the winter it's chocolate brown velvet, but in the spring/summer it will be white twill.


My inspiration for this room comes mainly from the Pottery Barn catalog.   I'm envisioning:
  • warm creamy beige walls and window treatments
  • warm texture everywhere - soft fabrics, jute rug, wood grain, pops of metal now and then
  • neutral colors with pops of accent colors from pillows, art, accessories
But I'm kind of far from that right now.


I like the general lay out of the room, but it definitely needs a lot of work to get it to my vision.


This table is a thrift store find, for $20. I'm planning to refinish the top in a natural wood stain, and then paint he sides and legs, either matte black like the console table, or maybe a blue or turquoise chalk paint. I haven't decided on that yet.

I like her shape, and it seems that either way I go with the paint, she'll end up looking great.


I love these chairs. They're both so comfortable! Unfortunately, I don't love their fabric. So instead of replacing them like I did the sofa, I am going to try to make slipcovers myself. I've seen lots of tutorials, and I figure I can give it a shot. As long as I don't buy incredibly expensive fabric, it will be a valuable lesson whether it works out or not. Anyone have any suggestions for fabrics? I'm going to go neutral, warm beige on both, I think, but would appreciate any thoughts.

Also, the table between these two chairs is temporary. I'd love to find something else for here, and I keep my eyes open at thrift stores. I could paint this one, I guess, as an interim solution.


The windows are wonderful, but need some softness. And the corner where our Christmas tree was is now very, very empty. Do you have any good ideas for how to fill this space? In the short term I'll be moving my plant stand back here where it was before Christmas. But I'm open to suggestion for furnishing this corner.


I've shared this console table in this previous post. I was using the piano bench to try out the idea of putting a bench under this window (and maybe a matching one on the other side of the fireplace). It's a possibility, though the piano bench is not the right dimensions, I think. What do you think?


This photo shows the relationship of the living room to the kitchen breakfast area. The paint color over on that side of the house is a lovely dark evergreen color. We think we're going to keep that color, so whatever we do in the living room and front hall and foyer needs to blend nicely with that.


And of course, we need a coffee table. Right now I'm using the piano bench. I'm on the look out for something with a warm wood grain. That I can put my feet on without feeling bad. That's not too expensive. Or maybe a leather ottoman top. Or maybe a woven wicker basket. Or maybe a trunk. You see why I've not made much progress on this decision.

So, my living room is very, very slowly coming into shape.   It still feels "just moved in", but less than before.  My plan over the next few months is to:
  1. Paint the walls a warm creamy neutral beige
  2. Slip cover both chairs
  3. Find a coffee table solution
  4. Paint the end table
  5. Find another end table
  6. Do something with window treatments to soften the hard lines
  7. Do something in the far right corner
  8. Maybe do something under the two windows by the fireplace.
  9. Accessorize with turquoise and green accents 
Wow, that's a lot.  But the great thing is that I am already happy in this room.  I love the bones, and I can see the potential for where it's headed.  And I can enjoy it while it's in transition, too, because it's filled with furniture that I love, despite it's current need for a makeover.  This room is definitely making me happy today.  :-)

I'd love to have your thoughts and suggestions for how to move forward in this room.  What do you think? Please do leave a comment to share your ideas and suggestions.

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  1. looking good!! Love the fireplace!! Thanks for hosting!!


    1. Thanks for coming by again this week!

  2. Great Ideas! Came by to join the party, but couldn't link up. Even though I had a link back, linky told me I didn't! Must be some kind of glitch...hugs, Pennyi

    1. Penny, please do try again - you might want to check for typo's in the URL of your link back (That happened to me yesterday on a different post, and it was a typo that caused the problem.) I hope you'll try again!

    2. I tried again, but still no luck! Hugs, Penny

  3. What a spacious living room you have, and I like the way the breakfast nook bumps out so it's out of the way. Looking great! Thanks for hosting. -Dawn @ We Call It

    1. Thanks Dawn, I like the layout too. Slowly but surely it's becoming "home". Thanks for joining the party - we have a trip to Disney World coming up in March, and your post will be a definite help!

  4. It says I haven't a back link to the party, but I do. I followed you and placed your party button on my side bar as well.
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    1. Fabby, I'm sorry for the problem with the link back. I don't know what to do to fix it, unfortunately. Thank you for trying, and I hope you'll come back again next week!

  5. I know I already left a comment but...
    Thanks for linking up to Fluster's Creative Muster Party!! I am co hosting this week!!


  6. I came back to thank you for linking this to my History & Home party. I just thought of a fabric you could use for your slipcovers. A lot of people use painters drop cloths from Lowe's. You get a lot of fabric for a little money, and it's really heavy and durable. There are a lot of bloggers' posts on it, being used for curtains, too. I don't know how soft it would be, though. Maybe after a couple washings? Just an idea!

    1. Thanks Dawn, I'll look into this option!