Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gratitude - Day 16


It would be easy today to spend all my time complaining.  This ugly mess of a cold has its grip on me and it not letting go any time soon.   The pharmacy didn't have my refill ready.  My head is pounding, my face is dripping, my abs hurt from coughing.  There's an elephant sitting on my lungs preventing any good, deep breaths.   My nose hurts from being rubbed raw by supposedly-soft-but-not-really Kleenex.  I just am a pile of mess.

But still grateful.  Grateful that my desk is cleaned off so I can actually feel organized as I get my stuff together for all the volunteer work I've signed up for. Grateful that my daughter is home from college still, and is keeping me company during the days.  Grateful that there are fresh cookies on the counter that taste really good, even if I can only taste a hint of anything right now.   Grateful that I have a snugly warm throw to wrap around me all day and curl up in and sleep if I want to.

Because even when you're sick, life is still good.   


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