Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gratitude - Day 28


When I moved to the south, I was told to not expect any real "winter."  I was told I wouldn't need my winter coat.  I would not see any snow.

Yet, here I am, giddy as a schoolgirl, happy about the flurries that are currently falling in our area.  The forecast is sketchy - some sources call for a trace of snow, some sources call for 4-8".

I'm happy to have some good, old fashioned winter.
It makes me feel a little less like a fish out of water. :-)

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  1. I one of those crazy people who likes when it snows in the winter, so I'm a happy camper this year since we've been getting more than usual.
    Mary Alice

    1. YES! Snow is awesome, I love it! Hope you continue to enjoy a beautifully snowy winter. :-)