Monday, January 13, 2014

Gratitude - Day 13

When I'm feeling a little under the weather, I like to snuggle into the big comfy chair with a soft fleecy blanket, a hot cup of coffee or tea, and my laptop.  It's a luxury to sit quietly and just enjoy browsing various blogs, or maybe looking at old photos, or maybe reading a book, or even just close my eyes and rest for a while.  

I'm really grateful to have the luxury of resting when my body tells me I need to rest.  So many people can't take time off of their work or their other obligations.

I'm grateful for a hot cup of coffee, my soft music playing in the background, my warm fuzzy blanket.

I'm grateful to be home.


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I'd love for you to share in this project.  What's making you feel grateful today?
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  1. I can so relate to this one today! For the last six weeks, the comfy recliner and a warm fuzzy throw have been my salvation. As I recovered from my hip replacement, I spent many hours there, prowling around on the laptop, reading, watching television and dozing. And when it was really cold, I added a warm heating pad to my feet and stayed nice and toasty. It was a blessing to be able to have the time to heal, rest and recover. Although life is getting back to "normal", a little more so every day, I will never forget how comforting my little spot in the living room was during my recovery!

    1. Jane, I hope your recovery is progressing smoothly. What an ordeal, but hopefully it will be worth it with the increased mobility you'll enjoy once fully healed. Thanks for stopping by!