Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Tuesday 4/2014 - The Joys of Coaching

Welcome to the 4th Happy Tuesday of 2014!   I hope you'll join the link party today, and share something that makes you happy!  Check out the info at the bottom of the post and join the fun!

Happy Tuesday

This past weekend I've had the great privilege of coaching others in their quest to become better a cappella singers.  I've talked before about my love of singing, my involvement in Sweet Adelines International, and my quartet,  but I haven't talked much about the other side of this hobby for me - coaching others!

I had an "aha" moment one year ago.  I had spent a full weekend attending an education retreat for Sweet Adelines in our Mid-Atlantic region, and I'd had such a spectacular time singing, learning, and teaching.  I'd been struggling with conflicted emotions over my career path, and this weekend was the trigger for my decision to retire.  I decided right then that my future is best spent as a singer and as a coach for other singers.

I love, love, LOVE standing face to face with another woman, and helping her find her voice - literally and figuratively.   I love listening to her, encouraging her, demonstrating for her, and guiding her.  I love it when she gets that "aha" moment herself, when she realizes that she can control her voice in a way that creates beautiful music with artistry and expression.  I love seeing her revel in her "artist" persona, and find beauty within herself.   I love watching her confidence grow and bloom.  I love watching her feel her own power within herself.

I love to coach in other settings, too.  Lately I've been getting lots of different coaching opportunities - individuals, quartets, sections of a chorus, and a whole chorus.   Each of these requires different skills, different demonstrations, different approaches.  So I'm on my toes, figuring out how to share the information in a way that the singers can best understand.  I'm learning so much!

With the support of my wonderful husband, I've made a complete life change in the last year.  I retired from my 24-year career in government, and I am now a "full time Sweet Adeline".  That means I'm spending my time learning, performing, and coaching others.  I'm also serving the organization by working on various projects, teams and committees.

On Saturday, I got to coach two quartets.  On Sunday, I got to coach the Bass section of one of the choruses I belong to.  Tonight (Monday) I'm going to coach another quartet and also coach a full chorus.   Tomorrow (Tuesday) I'm going to coach two individuals.  Two more individuals on Friday, and then next Monday another Bass section.   I'm SO very happy to have these opportunities!  


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Happy Tuesday