Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gratitude - Day 146

It's not every day that I can walk by the kitchen window and see two colorful birds perching on the feeder, ready for the picture to be taken.  Especially the Eastern Bluebird... he usually stays way out in the back of the yard near the woods, and doesn't get close to the house.  The House Finch is more common on our feeder, though this is a particularly colorful one.

So today I'm grateful for this brief moment in time - the fact that these beautiful birds came close enough to really appreciate, the fact that I happened to be walking by to see it, the fact that our back yard is filled with similar beauty on a daily basis, the fact that I'm aware enough to take notice of it.

I feel that on some level, this photo is a short metaphor for life.  Beauty is everywhere, joy is everywhere, it's a matter of noticing it, appreciating it, savoring it in the moment that it happens.

Enjoy your day, my friends, and take time to see the beautiful world around you.

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