Monday, May 19, 2014

Gratitude - Day 137

(posted a day late)

I'm grateful for my three sisters, and the memories we share and those that we're creating now.

I have three sisters, and we're spread all across the country in Eastern, Central and Pacific time zones.  Which makes it hard to stay connected.  Over the years, we've grown apart, each into our busy lives, and have not made the effort to specifically and purposefully be in each other's lives. 

One of the lessons that has come out of our father's unexpected death in March is the shock of realizing that time waits for no one, so if we want to be close as sisters, we must make it happen now, not put it off.  We've decided to have regular video chat sessions once per month.  We all make ourselves available for two (or more) hours on a Sunday night, and we go to Google Hangouts, and we sit there and we share what's happening in our lives and reminisce about old times, and share concerns about our mom.  We just generally reconnect, strengthen those family ties.

This has led to more one-on-one connection too.   I've had more conversations with each of my sisters in the last two months than I had in the two years before Dad's illness and passing.   If there's a good thing about losing Dad, this is it.

The technology is a blessing, and more importantly, the decision that we've all made to make this happen is a blessing.  I'm grateful for this reconnection.


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