Friday, May 9, 2014

Fresh Spring Wreath

Here's a fun and easy wreath to make to brighten up your front door this spring.

All fall and winter, I've had this pretty wreath on the front door.  I love it, but the leaves and berries just said "fall" to me, not "spring".  I'm going to put it away and pull it back out in the fall.

When I went looking for a springy wreath, I just couldn't find one that I liked enough to buy.  So I decided to make one!

I found all my materials at Michael's, and everything was on sale 40% or 50% - bonus! I used a grapevine wreath that already had white dogwood blossoms on it.   To this I added three pink hydrangea stems, one purple filler bush, and one bush of pink dogwood filler, and two spools of satin ribbon.

To begin, I cut apart the hydrangea stems into flower and leaf segments.  If I had kept them together, the stems would have been really long and hard to affix onto the wreath.

I placed the hydrangea leaves and flowers, somewhat mimicking the form of the wreath I like so much.  (I kept the old wreath nearby just for that purpose.)  That meant all three blossoms went onto the right side of the wreath.   Note that I wasn't gluing anything just yet - I just laid things onto the wreath to get a general idea first.

Next, I cut apart the purple filler bush...

... and laid the blossoms out around the wreath.

Finally, I cut apart the pink dogwood stems and bent each of them to better mimic real dogwood branches...

And then laid them into place too.

Things were looking pretty good at this point.   I took each piece back off, slathered it with hot glue on the stem part, and stuck it back in place, finally making all the placements permanent.    Now it was time for a bow.  But first, I had to go find my craft wire so I could make the bow.   The wire was somewhere in this mess...

Ugh!   Why do I let my craft room get so messy?    Anyway, by some miracle I found the craft wire.

And I made a bow out of a pretty green ombre satin ribbon.   I always follow the directions given in this video tutorial to make bows - it's awesome!

Once I attached the bow, the wreath was done!

Time to hang it on the front door.   Perfect!

I'm really happy with this wreath. It's wild and carefree, and has my favorite spring colors, and blends nicely with the soft green of our siding.

I have ideas for changing out the planters flanking the door - pink, white and purple flowers are going to be the front porch theme this year.

Thanks for joining me today.  I love having visitors, and would love to hear from you in the comments section.   Won't you take a moment to say hello?

I'm very flattered to have been featured with this post at Imparting Grace.  Thank you, Richella, I appreciate your kindness!



  1. Happy Pink Saturday, Jenny. I am so glad you joined us this weekend.

    Your wreath looks fantastic. It is so pretty, and is like a beautiful greeting for all who enter your lovely home.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, and for hosting the party. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Your wreath turned out beautifully and looks terrific on your door! Love the colours and the selection of flowers you used. Great tutorial and I'm hoping to check out the ribbon video as I'm very challenged in that department! Enjoyed my visit here from The Scoop.


    1. Thanks DD for stopping by, and for your kind words about the wreath. I hope you'll try one too, and if you do, be sure to drop a note to show it off! Have a great week!

  3. VERY pretty, and I love the step-by-step instructions! So helpful!

    Thank you for joining Grace at Home. I'm featuring you this week!

    1. Wow, thanks very much for the feature! I'm very flattered. Thank you for hosting the party each week. :-)

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    1. Thank you Martina! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate each and every visitor! Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. GORGEOUS wreath! I need to update the one on the back door - I'm inspired! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

    1. Thank you Kathy! Hope you have a great week!