Monday, July 28, 2014

The Monday Morning Garden

After a weekend away, you never know what you'll find in the garden.   Was there a rainstorm that knocked over all your phlox?   Did the deer find their favorite salad bar in your vegetable plot?   Did drought strike in the three short days since Friday?

When I returned home this morning, I found things had changed since Friday...

The bees have taken over one of the hummingbird feeders.

The volunteer sunflower has bowed its head in the heat, and the new day lilies have almost bloomed themselves out for the season.  The bird feeder weeds are going crazy in the lawn.

The cucumber vine has just about given up for the season.

But not without trying one last time to give fruit.

The zucchini plant keeps putting out green leaves, even though every bloom has died on the vine with no fruit, and there really isn't enough room in this container to maintain a healthy plant.  The yellow squash in the containers beside this one gave up long ago.

But in good news, the tomatoes and banana pepper plants are still doing well, especially after a good watering today.

We are still getting new peppers every day.

And there are still about a dozen green tomatoes waiting to ripen on the vines.

The herbs have decided they liked their haircut from two weeks ago, and they're looking lush and perky now.

And over all, the flower garden is holding its own, despite the heavy heat and not enough rain.   

Looks like the weekend report wasn't so bad after all.  

How about you?  How's your garden doing?


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