Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gratitude - Day 211 - July 30, 2014

We spent the day at the hospital today, after my husband experienced chest pains yesterday and then a trip to the emergency room via ambulance.   Today the task was to get a treadmill stress echocardiogram test.   What we hoped would be a routine and easy test in the morning turned into an all-day wait, with the test occurring only at 3pm, after a long day of waiting.

All is good, though, as every test came back "normal".  All blood work, all ECGs, all vital signs, everything, came back "normal".  They couldn't find a single thing wrong with his heart.

So that's excellent news.  It doesn't explain what he was feeling yesterday, but he'll follow up with his primary care physician about that in the next week.

I'm so grateful for the clean bill of cardiac health.  I'm so grateful for the medical care he received, even though it was perhaps the most boring day ever, sitting in the hospital room watching four back-to-back hours of Property Brothers on HGTV.   

Yep, I'm so grateful for it all.


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