Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gratitude - Day 93

I've spent my fair share of time lately in "envy" mode.  

I've been listening a lot to recordings of my favorite quartets, including some of my peers from my home Region 19 in Sweet Adelines.  It's really easy to lapse into jealousy or envy mode, listening to all the talented singers around me.   Sometimes it really gets to me.  I want to be that good.  I want the music to just fall out of me, seemingly so effortlessly, with such finesse and artistry.  

But when I'm quiet, and paying close attention, I hear a little voice that tells me to relax, that I'm not meant to be someone else, and I'm not meant to have someone else's gifts.   I'm meant to be me, and to have MY gifts.   I'm meant to develop MY talents, in all the varying directions that it takes me.  I'm meant to enjoy the talents of others, just as they enjoy mine.  

I'm grateful today to recognize my own talents and gifts.

I'm grateful to recognize and appreciate the talents of others, and to be able to move beyond the envy into just pure appreciation.

I'm grateful to have the quiet time in my day to reflect on these kinds of negative feelings long enough to find the way around them.  


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