Sunday, April 27, 2014

Gratitude - Day 115-116

Yesterday's SAI Region 19 chorus competition was amazing and frustrating all at the same time.   Our chorus was competing, and attempting to focus on our own performance while attempting to not lose focus about a fierce rivalry that we have with another group of singers (long story).  It was a huge challenge personally to remain focused on the right thing.  

Our performance was wonderful.   The audience rapport was fantastic.  Our artistry and showmanship was excellent.   It was so special.

But the competition results were very frustrating, because we TIED with our rivals for first place.   Yes, a tie score. So, so, so frustrating.

And we lost the tie breaker by an incredibly small margin.

And then the rest of the weekend I wanted to be gracious, to be classy, to be above petty rivalry.  And I think (hope) that outwardly, I achieved that.   But inwardly, I was so conflicted.

So where's the gratitude part?

I'm so grateful for the great performance experience.  And the sisterhood of my chorus and other regional friendships.  And the music.  And the connection.

I'm grateful for the awareness of my feelings and my efforts to overcome the negativity.

And as always, I'm grateful for Sweet Adelines.


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