Monday, June 30, 2014

Gratitude - Day 172-181 , June 21-30, 2014

Back in the swing of things after 10 days of off-schedule life, and feeling more blessed than ever!

I've been absent from this blog because we've been busy, busy, busy, and went off-grid for a while too.   Since my last post:

We hosted my quartet here for a weekend rehearsal
I got a huge pile of items done off my list around the house
We flew to Minnesota to visit our son
We spent lots of time with our son and his fiancé and her family
We had a gorgeous weekend at a lake home in Minnesota
We flew home and got the yard mowed and groceries shopped and so forth


Life was full, and it's only going to stay that way, because on Wednesday this week, I'm flying to GERMANY!!!

Our daughter is spending the summer there for school, and has a short break right now.  So I'm doing a quick over-and-back from Wednesday to Monday. We're going to toodle around Germany for four days and just make our itinerary up as we go along.   It's going to be awesome - just me and my girl!

So yeah, I've been away from here, but it's all good.  Very, very good.  :-)


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