Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Gratitude - Day 154 - June 3, 2014

(posted a day late... as usual!)

Last night my husband and I met for dinner in downtown Raleigh for a mini date night. We've decided that Tuesdays are perfect for this, because on Tuesdays he's coming home at dinner time and I'm headed into Raleigh at dinner time. So rather than try to squeeze in a short dinner at home, we'll just meet up in town somewhere for dinner out.   It's a chance to try out new restaurants and have a nice meal out on a regular basis.  Why this took nine months for us to figure out, I'm not sure.

So last night we tried a new place based on a friend's recommendation:  Capital Club 16.  The food was great.   The menu is based on German style cooking, so there are combinations of food items that we wouldn't typically find on an American plate.  But don't think pork roast, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.   Think spargel (white asparagus) and filet of trout with sautéed spinach, fingerling potatoes, and hollandaise sauce.

Back in the heyday of my career, I used to travel to Europe a lot for work.  I remember having nice meals in Amsterdam or Cologne or Copenhagen, enjoying the mid summer air and the later-than-usual sunlight with friendly company, a cool white wine and a great plate of white asparagus and hollandaise with a perfectly cooked piece of white fish.  I remember marveling at where I was, and the opportunities I had been given, and being so grateful.

Last night's meal brought back those wonderful memories, and with them, the reminder of how blessed I've been, the opportunities I've had, the places I've seen.   I'm so grateful for all of that.

And I'm so grateful for the great meal I shared last night with my husband.  And for my husband.

Very grateful.


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