Monday, March 31, 2014

Warming Up The Living Room with Paint

I'm excited to share some new photos of our living room, after painting the walls a warm beige color.

This room was a cool grey color when we moved into our home last fall.  Here's a peek at what the room looked like before we painted:

While the color was nice, and the walls were nice and clean, the color was too cool for my liking.  So after trying out some samples on various places on the walls, we settled on this warm color.

I like how it is neutral and soft (though in the photo above, it looks a little bit gold, but it's not gold at all).

On one wall, I painted a darker, richer milk chocolate shade for an accent wall.

In the photo above, you can still see some of the original grey color above the transom near the stairs.  I didn't paint the stairwell yet - will hire someone to do that, I think - and so the grey is still visible there and also in the front foyer.

I love the warm brown color on this accent wall.  It really pulls out the warmth of the brown in the painting and also in the wood tones in the room.

Above the fireplace, I tried to set up a vignette that suggests springtime.

I shopped the house and found some birdhouses I painted when our kids were babies.  I trimmed some branches off of our blooming pear tree. I found the trio of preserved boxwood at TJ Maxx a month ago or so for a pretty reasonable price. I've been gathering the photo frames for a while, to pull in some blues and aqua colors.

With all that's been happening in our lives in the last month, I'm SO happy to be home, to be putting our house together into more of a home. Painting the walls always has such a huge effect on the feel of a room, and I'm so happy to be done with this project!


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