Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gratitude - Day 83-86

These last few days have been surreal.

Dad died on Saturday. We held his memorial service yesterday.  In the days between those two events, time has stood still.

Being away from home during this time makes me feel like we are living in a cocoon, like there is a bubble around us and our world is only this big.  The only things that exist are memories of Dad, discussions of what he would have liked at the funeral, and a few family meals here and there.

There are no jobs to think about, no dinner plans to make, no lawn to prepare for spring, no walls to paint, no other tasks to distractus or keep our minds busy.   All we have is this. Now. Thoughts of Dad, memories as clear as if they were happening right now.  

I'm grateful for my wonderful father. He was such a good man.  He's gone too soon, that's for sure.

I love you, Daddy.


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  1. The beauty and clarity of your statement today has been very moving. I have been there in that odd cocoon - the bubble that is in some ways protecting and in others very raw and open. You describe every moment so beautifully and painfully. I miss your daddy too, just as I miss mine today and always. A virtual hug is coming to you as I write this.

    1. Thank you Kiki. Can't wait to see you on Wednesday night. :-)