Saturday, March 29, 2014

Gratitude - Day 87

(Posted a day late)

We're traveling back home now.  After having been gone one place or another for four weeks in a row, it's good to be pointed toward home. 
It was hard leaving Oklahoma.   Leaving my mom there to live alone (at her insistence).  Leaving my sisters.  Leaving my dad.  

But it's the normal course of life.   This parting, coming together, and parting again.   And it's time to start back into the normal flow of daily life.  Time to pick up our normal rhythms.   To begin living this new, strange life. 

I'm grateful for the last month and all the moments I have experienced.   It was incredibly difficult.  But it was also incredibly beautiful.  There were moments of pure joy in dad's days in the hospital.  The fact that these moments were wrapped up in so much pain, well, that's what makes them so special and memorable.  

I'm so glad to have had this hard, terrible, gut- wrenching month.   I'm glad to have my family.  I'm glad to have my dad around me everywhere I go now.  

I still miss him, and God knows I'm grieving.  But I feel the warmth of Dad's arms around me, ever so faintly, and I'm so grateful.  


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