Sunday, March 30, 2014

Gratitude - Day 89

This girl. 

The one who calls me to video chat on a cold rainy Sunday afternoon.

The one who shares her excitement over her Music History class, and the cool thing she has learned about Handel and how funny he was, but you had to know four languages in order to "get" his humor.

The one who shares her excitement over the schedule she's building for herself next semester, and all the classes she wishes she could take.  

The one who says she'd better take a Shakespeare class so she can consider herself a "legit" English major.

The one who has enjoyed learning European history on the sly through her Music History class, and so has decided to learn about Asian history through an Asian Art History class next semester.

The one who is earning two separate bachelor's degrees, yet has enough room in her schedule that she can take an extra handful of classes just for fun.

The one whose smile lights up the room, even from 300 miles away.

The one who isn't afraid of thinking complex thoughts, isn't afraid of feeling complex feelings, and isn't afraid of saying important things.

This girl is the one for whom I'm especially grateful today.  


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