Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gratitude - Day 225 - Aug 13, 2014

(catching up)

With all of the news about the loss of Robin Williams, I'm feeling lots of emotions, as I guess many of us are.   I'm struck that it seems that some of our most brilliant creative minds are also marked by mental illness - maybe the two must necessarily go hand in hand?   

I'm struck by the gratitude I feel, because our family's bout with dealing with mental illness has passed, hopefully for good.  No need for details, I imagine many families go through tough times with a family member (or more than one) now and then, and I'm grateful that ours was met with healing and proper professional care.

I'm hurting for the family and friends of Mr. Williams, and by extension, for anyone dealing with the tragedy of suicide in their families.   Sending out love and light to all...

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