Thursday, August 14, 2014

Gratitude - Day 220 - Aug 8, 2014

(catching up)

When I talk to my friends outside of Sweet Adelines about my hobby, often times they don't understand.  How could I possibly put so much of my self, my time, my energy and yes, my money, toward this hobby?   What's the big deal?  Why all the fuss?

It's hard to explain.  

It's hard to tell people how much fun it is to sing in harmony with no accompaniment.   It's hard to describe what a feeling of accomplishment it is to know that the music is good, and that the listener enjoyed it, not because they're your friend had have to say they enjoyed it, but because the music is good and there's no denying it.

It's hard to describe what a tight bond I've developed with my singing "sisters", both in my quartet and in my two choruses.   

But when I spend my time with my quartet, like I did today, things just fall into place.   Life makes sense to me.  Things feel good.   I feel confident, and I know it's what I'm here to do.

My day today was filled with costume fitting, sewing, ironing, decorating.   It was filled with driving to a weekend event.  It ended with the beginning of a wonderful weekend full of music and singing with 90 like-minded other women.  .

And my day was full to the brim with awesomeness._________________________________

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