Monday, December 30, 2013

The Snowman Bathroom

Here we are, nearly a week after Christmas, with some better-late-than-never photos of the Christmas decor in our home.  Up today:  the first floor bathroom, decorated in a Snowman theme.


The theme for this bathroom kind of happened by accident.   Since this was the first Christmas in our current home, I didn't really have any thoughts on where to put what decorations.  In the old house, I knew what went where, and while I changed some things up year to year, for the most part, the decorations went to the same general area every year.   Here, I had to (got to?) find new places for everything.

On the day after Thanksgiving, we began to pull boxes out of the attic.  These snowmen made by my wonderful mother-in-law came out of the first box.  I needed a place to put them, and i had an empty countertop in the first floor bathroom, so that's where they went.     Then I noticed that the wall between the toilet tank and the window was the perfect size for the snowman wall hanging.   Then I noticed that the bathroom shower curtain is kind of a snowy, icy blue (if you use your imagination).  So a Snow theme was born!

Our downstairs bathroom is a full bathroom, with a bathtub and shower, toilet, and a nice sized sink.  The door from the hallway is across from the sink.  There's a large flat mirror (builder grade) above the sink, and a three-light fixture above the mirror.  To the right of the sink, behind the door, is another door to the room next door.  This makes the bathroom useful for a "Mother-in-Law Suite" if we needed to use it for that purpose in the future.  


The bathroom is fairly standard, but having the tub and shower makes it slightly larger than just a powder room.   Normally in this room I have a brown and aqua color scheme happening.  I had just hung the shower curtain a few weeks before Christmas, so I wasn't really looking to change it just for the Christmas season, so it stayed.  The walls are a neutral mid-tone beige.


 The counter top is pretty standard, but it's larger than the powder room pedestal sink in our former home, so I enjoyed having the opportunity to have a display space in the first floor bathroom.  I like the snowmen on the counter... they're not in the way, and they are fun!


These snowmen were hand-made by my wonderful mother-in-law. She was a really special lady - a wonderful mother, mother-in-law and grandmother. We lost her 19 months ago (stupid cancer), and so I love having little reminders of her throughout our home. On the wall to the right of the sink I put a cute snowman plaque. This was a gift from a friend many years ago.



On the wall to the left of the hall door, above the towel rack, I hung three matching snowy art pieces that I made this year.


I took an acrylic photo frame apart. I used some very heavy scrapbooking card stock with a cute glittery snowflake pattern and made a tight-fitting back for the frame. I poured in some glittery fake snowflakes into the frame, then put the card stock back on. On the front of the acrylic, I glued some cut-out card stock letters that spell out "Let It Snow". I made these letters by printing out a font on the printer, then tracing the font onto card stock, and cutting out the letters with an Xacto knife. For the blue "snow" word, I added some blue chalk to make the color pop out a little bit more against the white snow. I used a scrapbooking glue pen to adhere the letters onto the front (outside) of the clear acrylic frame. I could have used a transparency to print out the letters and put inside the frame in front of the snow, but I didn't have any transparencies on hand.

I made three matching pieces and hung them as a set, spelling out "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow."


As a finishing detail in this room, I had some fun wire and bead snowflakes that didn't find a home on any trees this year, so I put them on the shower curtain hooks just to add a little fun.


 These snowflakes came from Southern Living Home about 12 years ago.


And that completes the tour of our Snowman Bathroom for Christmas 2013. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did this year. 

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  1. I love it and noticed the snowflkes hanging on the urtain right away! Your 3 let it snow pictures are fabulous. I am so happy you have the snowmen made by your MIL. I am so sorry she is gone. Happy New Year!!!!

    1. Thanks Pinky! Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Hi Jenny, what a lovely room all decked out for Christmas. The snowflakes and snowmen are lovely. Nice touch adding them to the shower curtain. love the artwork. So sorry to hear about losing your Mother in law....cancer is deadly. I am a three time cancer survivor. Thanks for sharing your inspiration. Happy New Year from your newest follower, Linda

    1. Thank you Linda (or should we call you Super Woman, surviving cancer three times!!!!). Thank you for signing up to follow my blog. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!