Sunday, January 11, 2015

Walking Success!

When I set my New Year's Resolution of walking 10K steps per day in 2015, I knew it would require a lifestyle change to get myself up off the couch and out on the street or trail (or shopping mall, as the case may be) on a daily basis.  Shockingly I discovered that I can easily spend a whole day in my house and only get 1000 steps.  That's horrific!  

I have a Fitbit One, and I can go online and get lots of statistics about how I'm doing anytime throughout the day.  One of the things I've been checking is the 7-day total over on the right sidebar, under where it says "Friends".   Today is the first day that my 7-day total has been over 70,000, meaning that today's the first day that I averaged over 10K steps per day for a whole week.  

Woohoo!!!! I LOVED seeing this number when I logged in this evening!!!

Tomorrow the 7-day total will be back down low again, because I had an extra big day 7 days ago and a few low days since then.  So I'm just enjoying this moment for a while, basking in the glow of achieving my goal.  

Happy Sunday, folks!


  1. I have a fitbit too and love it. I don't berate myself when I don't hit 10,000 in a day. Some days it goes to 15,000 so.... Be proud of yourself.

    1. Oh I'm definitely happy with my progress, am loving this new habit of mine. I was out on a walk this morning and enjoying the cool air when I got stuck in a downpour! Had to cut short my walk, but still got over 8,000 steps in all before I really even started my day. This is a GREAT new habit to add to my life!

      Hope you enjoy a wonderful day!