Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My 2015 Resolutions - Week 1 of 52

Here's my first update of my 2015 New Year's Resolutions.   I tried a new method this year, and I'm hoping that weekly updates will keep me on track!

For Myself

1. Get control of my weight and my health. 
Well, let's just say that this week I was up and down and then up and down some more with regard to my eating habits.   I would do well during the morning and afternoon, then splurge at dinner.  Or I would let myself get too hungry and then really blow things at the next meal time.  At my WW meeting this morning, I weighed in and was -.2lb, which is really basically the same as last week with a little variation for different clothing or different breakfast or whatever.  So, the good news is I didn't really gain anything even with my bad habits.  This coming week I want to do better.

2.  Walk 70,000 steps per week. 
My week's total steps is just over 68,000, or just shy of my 10Ksteps/day goal.  Five days out of seven I exceeded 10K, but two days I was in the midst of all-day quartet rehearsals and only got an average of 4K steps those days.   My legs are feeling a little tight and sore, though, so I think I need to add some stretching in to my routine.   I'm glad I made this resolution, because it is clear that it will require a lifestyle change in order to meet my goal, and that was what I wanted... to move more as a basic habit in my life.

3.  Try one new thing per month to stretch and grow. 
No progress here yet.   Am thinking of some ideas to try with my daughter before she moves back to college in a couple weeks.

4.  Daily journalling and reflecting.  
This has been happening, and it's been good.   Most days I do this first thing, before I open the laptop.  The days I put it off are the days that I end up feeling a little blue or in a little funk.  So it seems that it's a good morning routine, and I need to be just a little more firm with myself to do it first.

For My Family   

5.  Stay connected to family (and friends).
This one has been really good.   I've had nice phone conversations this week with my mom and several friends, and I enjoyed a great weekend rehearsal retreat with my quartet friends.   I'd like to do more, so I foresee more phone calls in the coming week.

6.  Participate in our son's wedding plans.  
No activity along this line this week, other than looking at my future daughter-in-law's wedding Pinterest board and commenting on her pins.  

For Friends and My Community    

7.  Extend at least two invitations per month to friends.
I walked with my walking buddy last Friday, and I've got a date to walk with her again tomorrow, but that's becoming so (wonderfully) regular that I feel like it shouldn't count against this stretch goal.   So, I'm thinking about what to do toward this goal next week. 

8.  Volunteer at least three hours per month in my community.  
Nothing happening here yet -- some ideas, but no action.  Let's get with it, shall we?

For Our Home

9.  Purge and organize the house by May 1.   
Focus lately has been on de-Christmassing.   It's taking me a while to get it all down and packed away, with the added complication that we're moving this summer so I need to really pack things well so they don't break when they get moved.   No dumping hundreds of ornaments in a bin and gently placing them in the attic.

10.  Work in the yard at least 3 hours per week.  
Done!   I had several good sessions out in the yard this week, and it was a novelty to do gardening in the winter time.   I loved it, and am looking forward to more time this week.

11.  Allow time for at least two fun home decor projects per month.   
Sadly, this one got short shrift this week.  No creative fun for me yet.   Must change that next week!

For Sweet Adelines

12.  Personal singing rehearsal at least 4 hrs per week.  
Done!   Actually, did more like 8 hours this week, if you count all the listening to rehearsal recordings that I've done.  It can feel like a chore, so I have to remind myself why I do this, to keep myself on track.

13.  Do daily vocal exercises for 15 minutes, for 30 days.  
Oops - I missed a few days here.   It's just a drag, about as fun as scrubbing grout in the shower.   But, I'm gonna do better this week. I must!

14.  Complete the CHC New Member Handbook by Feb 28th.  
No progress here this week.  Gotta get it on the schedule.

15.  Serve the Region 19 Silver Sorority champion's organization with at least 2 hours of activity per week.  
Done!   I sent and replied to several emails, and am in the midst of some conversations about services the organization can offer in the coming months.   Feels good to get this moving again.

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