Monday, December 27, 2010

Top Ten Reasons To Love the Week After Christmas

Here we are, two days after Christmas, and I'm guessing many folks are battling the "post-holiday let-down" that can hit us right about now.  But surprisingly, I've not been affected this year.  I'm still loving this holiday season!

So here are my "Top Ten" reasons why I'm enjoying this week after Christmas:

  1. Our house still looks beautiful, after a little bit of clean-up on Sunday morning to put away the evidence of scattered stocking stuffers and opened packages
  2. Our Christmas tree is still fresh and is not losing it's needles - amazing!  
  3. There are lots of yummy left over holiday sweet treats
  4. If I want to go shopping, there are sales everywhere!
  5. All the items on my Christmas "to do" list are done or it's too late to worry about!
  6. The radio might not be playing Christmas music anymore, but my iTunes is filled with over 600 Christmas songs that I can choose at a moment's notice
  7. I can relax and enjoy the evenings with no holiday obligations
  8. At work, almost everyone else is on vacation, leaving the office very quiet and perfect for getting caught up
  9. I have time to ponder the year gone by, and plan for the year to come
  10. The kids are home and the family is together
I've been focusing this year on enjoying the best of the Christmas season - which for me is the tangible spirit of joy and giving - rather than focus on the hustle and bustle.  Taking that approach has saved me from getting stressed out, and has allowed me to carry these happy feelings into Christmas Day and beyond.

I hope you, too, enjoy these special days in the afterglow of Christmas.   Do you have any secrets for keeping the Christmas spirit alive?

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  1. I am your newest follower! I will vote tto about your header. Happy New Year!!! I still have all my Christmas up too, will keep it til mid Jan. XO, Pinky

  2. This post just made me smile! I'm agreeing with you my friend.
    And you must get to know Pinky...she's one of my most favorite blog-friends, you're going to love her!