Saturday, January 15, 2011

Post-Holidays Blank Slate

Like many other folks out in blog land, we're doing a lot of cleaning and freshening up around our house since we took down the Christmas decorations.  I kind of like the sparse look, especially when it's all nice and clean like we made it today.  It gives a fresh perspective, a chance to breathe.


Here in the family room, I've cleared out everything off of the mantle, tables, and put the chair back in place where the Christmas tree used to be.    The sun was bright outside today, making this room bright all day too.  Our walls are actually a nice warm beige, but the photos here make them look antique white.


This wall hanging is an art quilt made for me by a friend.  It is meant to represent the state park woodlands that are near our home.  Maybe sometime soon I'll do a feature post on this quilt. My friend quilted it by machine, but not using a presser foot, so she was able to sew free-form shapes into the quilt. There are little frogs, butterflies, salamanders, snakes, mice, and dragonflies sewn into the quilt stitching as little surprises and secrets.

The photo frames on the mantel hold snapshots from our many trips to Walt Disney World (my favorite spot!).  They and the candles and topiary are really just here as placeholders until I figure out what I want to do with the mantel until springtime.


The area above the TV is very bare at the moment.  I typically have a houseplant above the TV to hide the Wii, but am looking for something more inspired. Inside the glass doors is a jumble of Xbox equipment, photo albums, various photos and assorted fitness gear.  It's really just a mess, and really needs some decorative flair.


In the foyer, the table holds just a few things, again waiting for some inspiration to strike for a nice winter time vignette.


Here in the living room, I've been pondering possible changes to the color scheme.  The green walls are my favorite color in the house - it is the same green as the dining room which is behind you as you look at the living room this way.  But the green walls really clash with the blue couch. The couch is in really good condition, and there's nothing at all wrong with it, other than that it doesn't match this green paint.  I have been trying to decide what to do - slip cover?  Reupholster? New couch? I Would love to hear your ideas if you've got them!

The coffee table (and end tables that you can't see) in this room belonged to my mother in law. She purchased them in the 1970's - Early American style.  They lived through a house flood, were refinished, and were the first furniture that my husband and I used when we were first married.  They're incredibly solid and in great condition, but they're just not a style I want any more.  But they're also not even close to the top of the list of things to worry about, so they're still here, 25 years after we were married.  Actually, that whole "not the top of the list" thing is also why this room still has a blue couch.  Somehow updating this room never makes it to the "to do" list.


The bookshelves are empty since we put the Christmas village away.  Last year, I never did fill the bookshelves after Christmas - they sat empty all year waiting for the village to be put back up!  I hope to be more successful this year at putting something attractive and useful into these shelves.


So with all this "empty canvas", I went shopping today at Home Goods and Hobby Lobby.  I was on the hunt for some new decorative accessories to put some warmth and personality into these rooms.  While I did have a successful shopping trip, I didn't find anything for any of these spaces - go figure!  In an upcoming post I'll show you what I did end up getting, though.

I guess I'll shop the house tomorrow to find some things for these empty areas.  I am happy to have a three day weekend with no obligations, so I get to play!


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  1. Jenny,

    Dropping by from Seasonal Sunday.

    I was just thinking I love the colors in your paintings above the cabinet, and they have blue in them. But if you don't like the blue sofa in the LR, I would think about slipcovering it. I'm a big fan of slipcovers. What about one in a antique white or linen white? If you know a good slipcover lady, they are worth their weight in gold.

    Your family room looks so comfortable, and I love all the windows and the fireplace. Looks like a fun place to unwind with family and friends.

    I love Disney, too, and my favorite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean. My post today is full of pirates. ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  2. Jenny, Your home is lovely. Love the tall windows in the family room. I know your will make the decisions necessary to achieve the look you want. There are lots ideas out here in blogland. These ladies and gents are great. I like the shopping the house idea. It is amazing what we forget we have.
    If it makes you feel better, I have been married 52+ years and still waiting for some things to make it up the list.
    I am your newest follower. Please pop over to see me I am having a giveaway. Ginger

  3. Your home is lovely! For the shelves, some great books, a treasured memento, and family photos would do the trick nicely. have fun home shopping!