Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Tuesday Week #1 - Things That Made Me Happy Today

Happy Tuesday, everybody!  Thanks for dropping by - we're having a party today to celebrate all things Happy!  I hope you'll link up and share something that catches your eye, makes you giggle, puts a smile on your face, or lightens your heart.

Today I thought I'd just make a simple list of things that make me happy today.  Some other weeks I will share some photos, some music, maybe some other websites -- everything is fair game. 

Things That Made Me Happy Today:
  • Someone brought chocolate chip cookies in to work just for fun.
  • My daughter remembered that she needs to find an accompanist for her trombone solo festival, and started to make calls on her own.
  • My son drove me and my husband to dinner tonight, and we had a really casual, every-day, family dinner conversation.
  • I got up to exercise before work again today, which is a big deal for this so-not-a-morning person.
  • My husband made me a yummy and healthy breakfast after said workout.
  • Things at work today were manageable, not crazy.
  • I heard my favorite song on the radio when I was driving to work.
  • I saw a pretty bird on the tree outside the window this morning.
  • My quartet is coming over for rehearsal tonight, and I'll get to sing and have fun for three hours with them.
  • I had a crisp, sweet apple for a snack that hit the spot, and I successfully avoided eating another chocolate chip cookie at work. 
  • My son sent me a link to this really cute YouTube video.

Um ... yeah.  That's it.  I mean, I'm happy that I'm alive and healthy, and that I know and love my Creator, that I have a job, and a family, and friends, and all that.  Not taking that for granted, by any means.  Just figured those things are a little deeper than I can eloquently describe on short notice.  And besides, I wanted to leave the door wide open for others to link up with their much more interesting posts.  ;-)

How about you?  What makes you happy today?

Happy Tuesday Week #1 Link Party


  1. Thanks for visiting.. I'll participate next week. Not sure I can pull something together this quickly. Thanks for the kind comments. Loved the half mustached santa!

  2. Nice idea for a meme, I added it to my sidebar! Oh how I would be happy with a manageable day at work instead of the usual chaos:@)

  3. What a cute idea for a party! Thank you for inviting me :D

  4. This is a cute idea. I'll try to remember to join in next week.

    - The Tablescaper