Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas Decorating Outside

In years past, we have done a variety of types of decorating outside - everything from a simple, minimalist wreath on the front door, all the way up to stringing mini white lights all around the outline of the front of the house.

We have settled into a groove lately.  For the last few years, we have had:
  • wreaths on the windows and front door, with red bows
  • one electric candle in the base of each set of front windows
  • a lighted garland around the front door
  • lighted artificial trees in planters on the front porch, with red "berry" balls
  • spot lights on the front of the house at night, and
  • small wreaths on the garden shed in the back yard.
Here are some photos from years past.  The snowy pictures were from the winter of 2009, when our area received record breaking snow fall amounts.  These pictures were taken in mid December, when we got about two feet of snow.  Later in February 2010 we would receive three more big storms in a row, for a grand total of 80 inches of snow this winter!  We usually get 12 inches or less per year, so this was a big deal!

This is how the house looks most of December in a normal year.

I have generally been happy with the decorations we have done outside, but now that I look at these pictures, I am thinking that the window wreaths need to be upgraded to a larger size, or we need to put three on each set of windows, not just one.  What do you think?

It's very difficult to see the candles in the windows, but they're there!

This was a very unusual year with record-breaking snows in December.

It's pretty, but it's heavy.  We knocked the snow down to lighten the load.

The front porch mini trees look so cute!

At night, the lights glowed inside the snow. Pretty!

A pretty welcoming wreath

The view was pretty from inside our warm house.

The shed out back gets into the spirit too!


  1. I love it - I love how even the shed had wreaths. People always laughed when I put wreaths on our old fashioned carriage doors to the garage. I feel vindicated! lol! You have a lovely home and the decorations are so classic and tasteful. I would say if you want to change the wreaths, go a little bigger rather than 3 in each window. They may feel a little busy otherwise. But I really love the effect. Beautifully done!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I think you're right - bigger wreaths, but one on each set of windows. A-shopping I will go! ;-)

  3. HI Jenny!!! So glad you stopped by my blog post on wreaths. I can see you already have a handle on it!! Your home is so beautifuly and the wreaths in the windows are perfect. I have done that in years past even if I live in a Calif ranch I still love the look and I do it anyhow!! The snow really completes the look, Kathysue

  4. I am having such fun visiting you blog. I have been so busy lately and needed to visit all my friends in blogland! I do wreaths on the windows and garland around the front door too!!

    Debbie @ A Debbie-Dabble Christmas

  5. LOL, I have wreaths on our shed in the back too.
    The only one who can see them are the deer!