Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My 2015 Resolutions - Week 5 of 52

Here's my fifth update of my 2015 New Year's Resolutions.   I tried a new method this year, and I'm hoping that weekly updates will keep me on track!

For Myself

1. Get control of my weight and my health. 
Excellent progress on this goal this week!   Every morning, I made it a point to make sure I planned my food for the day.  I also tracked all my food intake, and kept an eye on treats and splurges, balancing them with whole, healthy, fresh foods.    Result?   I lost weight this week.  And even better, I feel great!

2.  Walk 70,000 steps per week. 
I've been having some knee problems lately, so I didn't get my 10K steps per day in every day.  But I did on five of seven days.   I've also added in some yoga stretching for a few days this week, and I am enjoying that.

3.  Try one new thing per month to stretch and grow. 
On Thursday last week I spent the day working on a job site for Habitat for Humanity.   What a great time!   I learned all kinds of things that day, and really enjoyed it.  That was pretty major in my book.

4.  Daily journalling and reflecting.  
I've hit about 5 of 7 days on this goal... well i guess if I count "thinking while I'm walking", then I hit all seven days this week.   Writing in a journal really helps me understand what's happening in my life, and so this is an excellent habit that I plan to continue.

For My Family   

5.  Stay connected to family (and friends).
I've had some great conversations with my family this week, and have been supporting a good friend as she tackles some really tough issues within her family.  I definitely feel helpful and needed and connected this week.

6.  Participate in our son's wedding plans.  
I spent some time dream-shopping online this week, looking for mother-of-the-groom dresses.   Still haven't found anything I really like, but I've got a while still, so it's all good.

For Friends and My Community    

7.  Extend at least two invitations per month to friends.
Not much to report here this week... but I've got some ideas for things coming up later this month.

8.  Volunteer at least three hours per month in my community.  
I put in a 6 hour day at Habitat for Humanity last week, and loved every minute.   Will definitely be doing that again!

For Our Home

9.  Purge and organize the house by May 1.   
I got almost all of the Christmas stuff put away finally.  I have about another 30 minutes worth of clean up to do and then that will be finished.   I need to turn my attention to other areas of the house now, so I can meet my goal of an organized house by May 1.

10.  Work in the yard at least 3 hours per week.  
I put in a half hour out in the back yard today, cleaning up the bird feeders and organizing the vegetable garden area.   It was medicine for my soul!   I need to make more of an effort here, because it's such a good thing for me.

11.  Allow time for at least two fun home decor projects per month.   
Nothing to report here, except I bought an inexpensive set of sheets that I think I'm going use to recover one of the chairs in the living room.  I haven't made any progress on that, but at least I have the germ of an idea.

For Sweet Adelines

12.  Personal singing rehearsal at least 4 hrs per week.  
I've been doing a lot of rehearsal for the quartet, and I'm pleased to see the progress that I'm making on our music.   I guess practice really does help, huh?

13.  Do daily vocal exercises for 15 minutes, for 30 days.  
I've totally bailed on this goal.  Bad, bad Jenny.

14.  Complete the CHC New Member Handbook by Feb 28th.  
I put in a couple of hours of work on this project this week, and have plans for daily progress over the next couple weeks.  Hope to meet the Feb 28th completion date.

15.  Serve the Region 19 Silver Sorority champion's organization with at least 2 hours of activity per week.  
We held a video call on Saturday night to conduct our Board meeting, and I made some progress via email on some action items that are outstanding.   I still have a couple of phone calls to make this week to keep momentum on some things we have planned.

All in all, it was a good week for making progress on my goals.  

How about you? How are you doing with your New Year's resolutions?  I'd love to hear about it!

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